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Why choose Perth’s best business accountants?

You’ll know the cost

We agree on a reasonable fee upfront and before we start the work so you never get an unexpected bill. We also offer flexible payment terms.

Phone calls are free

Why not talk to our accountants more often and get the advice you need. Whenever you ring you wont be charged. We don’t want you not to contact us as you feel “the clock” is running.

Trusted adviser

You can’t have enough good ideas….they make the difference between success and failure. We provide a constant stream of proactive business boosting ideas, input and advice – and the support to make things happen.

Proactive Tax Advice

Paying too much tax or missing tax saving opportunities? We will give you proactive tax planning, pre year end as well as keeping you up to date with all the latest tax strategies.


We are everyday people that are here to help. Our approachable and progressive attitude are why our clients keep coming back and trust in our expertise to get the job done.

Your choice of accounting software

GFA likes Xero but we don’t insist on it. We understand that sometimes what you have suits your business and you don’t want to change. So no pressure.

Always contactable

When you become a client you are assigned 3 points of contact. This makes it easier to get the answers you need.

Monthly fee packages available

More and more clients enjoy knowing exactly what they will be provided during the year, when it will be done and then paying for it monthly for an amount agreed in advance. Simple!

Family business specialists

We understand how family businesses work – the dynamics, the challenges and the rewards.


We work with business owners to improve your Accounting. This makes reporting more timely, improves decision making and reduces costs. We also legally minimise tax and keep you compliant with the ATO


We can provide unbiased financial strategies that will successfully build, manage and protect your wealth. We have a seamless and efficient process, so let us help you create some financial freedom.


We’re here to help your business grow, provide decision support and solve problems. If you like the sound of that then just think of us as your external CFO. Sometimes all you need is just a little extra support.

Our accountants make business life easier

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